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  • Mark Wm Smith

Corona, Coronaaaaa… Virus

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

What I Did This Coronavirus.

Not much, it seems. Maybe it’s like that for you as well. All this free time… we all know the adage—ain’t nothing free. They made me work anyway. It’s harder to work when everybody you know is at home writing books with all the “free” time.

Bennington’s story continues to drag. Not because it is unexciting. Because I’m tired. The plan was a scene every two weeks. You can evaluate that one for yourself. I don’t believe I’m hitting it.

Bennington started as a short story meant to carry the weight of giveaways. I noticed Alan Chaput doesn’t bother with value added content in his newsletters. He simply includes links to giveaways. Nice to see you, here’s some more free ebooks.

I haven’t spoken to him, but I’ll bet he just got so far behind he gave up. Smart.

As I was saying, Bennington started as a short story. The current plan has me rolling it up at 12,500 words. You’ve seen 6,700 of them. The next 800 to 1,000 will blow your mind. We are halfway to the finish line. That’s when the wheels fall off. Oh, Bennington—what an idiot. I hope he pulls it out.

Murder in the Glass Castle is my current WIP—work in progress—or snappy cat-o-nine for the conscience. The work is learning how to write a quality novel. Those on my resume did not resolve the challenge of repeatability. I know I’m capable of writing a novel. Now I must answer the question, “Can I write a novel that sells?”

As I work that uncertainty out, you’ll notice my website being revamped by degrees. These changes always cost me more time than I have available. I hope they are appreciated.

This is the end of my post of excuses.

Stay safe. Wash hands. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Unless those nickels have been properly cleaned. One of these gems is listed on ebay for a thousand dollars. That’s 20,000 regular nickels. Somebody wishes they had ignored that maxim.

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