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  • Mark Wm Smith

Release of Obsessive Compulsion: Murder by Desire

When the fire dies at home, a consuming flame lights up the shadow self.

As promised, I finished the final three scenes and posted their respective blog entries by Thanksgiving.

Obsessive Compulsion: Murder by Desire

Short Crime Fiction

Bennington’s story is complete. You can find it here on I’ll have the Amazon affiliate link as soon as it’s available.

“Maybe arranging things with precision makes it okay for you. Maybe that’s how you forget, continue on, keep moving. Maybe you need the order.” Bennington turned from her. “But I want excitement, exposure, an unseasoned trail. Don’t you realize that murders happen every single day? That kid in the paper. There’s no orderliness in that. Geometrical regularity can’t make that better,” Bennington Tanskanen said to his wife, Gloria.

With a reasonable draft of “Obsessive Compulsion” completed and the structural rewrite done, it was time to release it to the larger public.

The first level of the promotion is a release as Amazon kindle unlimited. Once I see if, and how, that impacts sales, it will likely come out on the other platforms.

“Murder on the Edge of the Orient” is next on the list. I will review the short story adventure of Connor Pierce’s last case on Okinawa. After I publish it as a short read on kindle, it will be time to push for completion of Murder in the Glass Castle.

As previously stated, I have seriously over-planned Glass Castle. Having the idea, planning it over ad nauseum, work it into several versions of itself before tossing it in the can to start over… this is the writer’s life. I love it. With surges of hatred and dread that can only come from the heart.

Somewhere in the future are those three additional books I mentioned before: a serial killer novel that begins a seven book police procedural series; a stand alone crime thriller that follows a middle-aged woman into a dark underworld of sex trafficking; a pulp fiction first in series novel about a cage fighter turned private eye.

Hang with me. We can make it to the end.

Wash your hands after reading. Remember the Civil War. We don’t want to repeat that fiasco.

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