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  • Mark Wm Smith

What the Heck… ?

It looks like I'm signing a book. But it's really another guy trying to remember what's on his grocery list.

What the Heck are you Doing, Mark?

The real answer is not helpful, so let’s skip that one. Bennington’s story is complete. You’ll get the final three scenes over the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Now that I’m finished with a reasonable draft of “Obsessive Compulsion,” plans to review it for structural excellence begin. The idea is to self-publish it as a long short story. Keep an eye out.

Murder in the Glass Castle now has room to grow into a mature novel. I’m putting my focus on pushing to the end. It is a project that needs done. Among the lessons learned: Becoming a better writer doesn’t mean becoming a better writer.

What does a novel take? Idea, plan, research, refine, work yourself into the ground, refine, revise, freak out, work yourself out of the hole in the ground you’ve created. Sounds like fun. Hah! Pitfalls. Side rails. A creative trap at best. An avenue to insanity at worst.

My insanity came with planning. I have seriously over-planned Glass Castle and it has cost me a year. I’ll get through it. I hope you’re still here to see the end product.

Three additional books loom behind the scenes. One is a serial killer novel that begins a seven book police procedural series. One is a stand alone crime thriller that follows a middle-aged woman into a dark underworld of sex trafficking as she unravels her husband’s secret life. The third is a pulp fiction novel and first in a series about a cage fighter turned private detective.

I look forward to the day when you get to see these books on the shelf.

That’s a wrap on this page. Stay safe. Wash hands. Remember the Alamo. It ended mostly okay.

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