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A Pile of Free Books

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The Clarification of Mud


I'm still giving away signed copies of Murder on the East China Sea. Primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

Note: You do have to enter to win.

Our latest winner is T. from GR. Let's congratulate them for recognizing the quality of my stories and saying so publicly!

Haha! Only kidding. The review was a wonderful and I appreciate the time and energy, T. from GR.

If you give me one star and explain your reasoning, I'll enter your name in the contest. No holds barred. A winner is a winner regardless their convictions. Or their temper."MI


Please Support My Work

If you can, on Amazon or Goodreads, by reading one of the short fiction pieces below and posting a review. I promise they are entertaining.

Complete a book, review it online, send the link to me, enter a drawing for a signed copy of Murder on the East China Sea.

(North American entries only, for now. Thank COVID.)

"Murder on the Edge of the Orient"

Get this free copy here at my restricted link for Reviewers.

If you prefer to buy a copy, you can purchase the kindle book at

"Obsessive Compulsion: Murder by Desire"

Grab a free copy at this restricted link for Reviewers.

If you prefer to buy a copy, you can purchase the kindle book at

Your time and energy is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the reads.


6 Giveaways to Wrap September

Prequels Giveaway: Before the beginning. Read about it.

Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Freebies: Free. Bies. Which is short for buy, without


Books with Ominous Messages: Not just books. Books with ominous messages. Find out what those messages are.

Free Crime Thriller Giveaway: Not just crime. Free crime. How can you beat that?

Pulp Fiction Giveaway Its name speaks for itself.

Mystery/Thriller Giveaway Get a book for September.


Forgettable News

Enter the Giveaway for signed paperback copy of Murder on the East China Sea.

Murder in the Glass Castle yearns for a conclusion to the draft, but the pandemic, it keeps on going, making excuses, try try try while you cry cry cry. Bleh.

I am moved. My household, I mean. I have placed 68% of my household goods. Progress is.

Let me know if you want to be a part of the first readers group when it's a readable draft.

Make it matter...

If life gives you lemons, do something lemony with them. Don't waste the sour longing for the sweet. Keep reading...

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