Murder of the Prodigal Father

A Murder Mystery


A philandering son returns home to bury his father, only to find he cannot bury his father’s womanizing legacy. 


When Air Force crew chief Connor Pierce returns home for his estranged father’s funeral, he hopes it will put an end to the legacy of cheating that haunts his own life–a trait he inherited despite the damage it caused during his own childhood.


Shocked to discover his father was murdered–but not surprised that nobody in his hometown cares, Connor takes on the role of amateur sleuth to solve the small town mystery. Only, discovering the truth means he’ll need to team up with the high school cohorts he abandoned… an alluring ex-lover he left at the altar, and his once closest friend who became a local Deputy Sheriff. 


Can Connor come to grips with his father’s legacy of lust, before the murderer catches up with him?

Excerpt: Chapter One

There are probably a million things, that could send a commuter airplane hurtling to the earth from 18,500 vertical feet. 


At the moment, I was consumed with only one.

A thin ribbon of her auburn hair lit to a campfire ember across the aisle and one seat up from me. 

I recalled her smile as we boarded. A little steamier than kind. Slightly more seductive than friendly. 

The nineteen-passenger, twin-turboprop Fairchild Swearingen


Metroliner bounced against an unexpected cross stream of air. 

My sweating hands gripped the armrests, imprinting every nick and design flaw into permanent memory. 

I shut my eyes and clung to my tawny-haired dream, an exotic temptress. The meditative drone of air travel transported me away from the threat and into fantasy where I chased her gleeful, naked form through a mountain meadow. Wild and free, her flowing mane beckoned with its copper promise, her skin silkier than cream skimmed from the top of those thick glass, half-gallon jugs Gram used to pull from the front porch on a cool Montana morning. Wild-eyed, Jane and I tumbled to the flowering grass, giggling with sexual hysteria, blood rushing toward the promised rumpus. 

Gravity left us, shattering the trance.

My belly button took a leap toward my chin. Honey-coated peanuts and overpriced beer gathered in the back of my throat.

Breathe in. One, two, three, four. Breathe out. One, two— 

The airframe shuddered. 

My heart pounded out a rhythm that darkened the edges of the world. 

Maintain sanity without sexual fantasy. 

“I used to be afraid of flying,” the sixteen-year-old across the narrow aisle interrupted. 



Connor Pierce leaves his family to deal with his father's death. When he looks into his father's death, he believes it was murder. Now he has to ask his friends that he left behind for their help. But in doing so, he puts himself in harms way to be possibly murdered. This is a very good story of a man that has to decide many things about his family. Things that are taboo.


Myra Hamilton

After twelve years away from a small town, returning because of the death of his estranged father, leaving his troubled marriage on the other side of the world, thinking nothing has changed, finally realizes nothing is the same. A great, thought provoking read.






Dr. Patricia Eroh

Slow start but not for long. I was then pulled into this mystery with an edge of my seat action story. I enjoyed the entire story and the story kept me guessing until the end.