Serial 2 “Murder in the Orient” Story Scenes

Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth, Episode Ten

Murder at the Edge of the Orient, Episode Ten The airplane’s cabin provided a comfortable warmth I hadn’t expected.  My head reeled from a combination of fear, guilt, shame and confusion ignited by the past week’s interrogation. Numbness and tingling danced a...

Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth, Episode Nine

Murder at the Edge of the Orient, Episode Nine Lori Bennett stepped through the door. I cringed, expecting a scolding over my misuse of the ornamental pillow. “Oh my God!” she screamed, running to the bedside and pushing me down. She kneeled, holding Jimmy’s head...

Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth, Episode Eight

Murder at the Edge of the Orient, Episode Eight Higa directed traffic with his service weapon. “So you killed the Captain and his lover, right, boy?” Jimmy implicated himself with a hangdog drape. “He deserved it.” “What are you doing here, Master Sergeant Higa?” I...

Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth, Episode Seven

Murder at the Edge of the Orient, Episode Seven My drive toward the empty house was crowded with short list items preventing me from boarding the plane. Roll up the tatami mat and sleeping bag, grab my duffel, do a hand-off with the First Shirt to keep Housing off my...

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