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Amateur Sleuth Inspired To Solve Crimes

This blog post shares, briefly, what inspired Connor Pierce’s initial story. The Beginning After my brief 5 ½ year tour in the US Air Force, I accompanied my military wife and children to Okinawa Japan. I spent most of those five years learning the nuances of conflict...

Book Review: An Amateur Sleuth Can’t Forget

Title: Memory Man Author: David Baldacci Worth the read as Book 1 in The Amos Decker Memory Man series. Just ask 10,539 reviewers. Forewarning: My review may suggest I disagree with other reviewers. As a writer who strives for the elusive perfect word, I'm harder to...

Amateur Sleuth Goes Back In Time

This is a rewrite of the rewrite. It contains the entire first chapter, making it obnoxiously long. I'll do better. I promise. Murder of the Prodigal Father - Opening ChapterThere are probably a million things that could send a  commuter airplane hurtling to the earth...

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