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Corona, Coronaaaaa… Virus

What I Did This Coronavirus.   Not much, it seems. Maybe it’s like that for you as well. All this free time… we all know the adage—ain’t nothing free. They made me work anyway. It’s harder to work when everybody you know is at home writing books with all the...

Kindle paperwhite Giveaway

And the Winner Is...   Happy Middle of a Worldwide Shutdown! Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I imagine not. Unless you're reading a good book! The results from the Kindle Paperwhite Bundle contest have now come through. The lucky winner is Qboss,...

Amateur Sleuth Amateur Hour

Welcome to Amateur Hour.   Amateur sleuths. Amateur author. This is not to self-deprecate. My ego remains intact. It’s my acknowledgement of skill deficiency that illuminates the challenge.  When I first started working out details for the next Connor Pierce...

Amateur Sleuth Builds a Website

The Mystery of the Confused Website Builder It was one of those bright, sunny days, the kind that keep the outsiders out and the insiders in tears. Nobody should live in this artificial gloom. It’s the kind of fluorescent or LED pretension meant to fool occupants into...

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