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I am currently working on three different books. 

  • The Deadly Sins Series will begin with Kings and Concubines, the story of a philandering detective searching for a serial killer in a college town. 

  • Iron and Silk Series stars an MMA cage fighter turned private investigator.

  • The next book on the list, Murder in the Glass Castle, expected in March or April, is the fourth in the series starting with Murder on the East China Sea

Enjoy the adventure with me.​

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Murder of the Prodigal Father

​A Murder Mystery


A philandering son returns home to bury his father, only to find he cannot bury his father’s womanizing legacy. 


When Air Force crew chief Connor Pierce returns home for his estranged father’s funeral, he hopes it will put an end to the legacy of cheating that haunts his own life–a trait he inherited despite the damage it caused during his own childhood.

Can Connor come to grips with his father’s legacy of lust, before the murderer catches up with him?

Murder on the East China Sea

A Novella Mystery


When you get a friend in trouble… You’re responsible to get him out. Whatever the cost!


Air Force crew chief Connor Pierce wants to help his lonely assistant get comfortable around women, but then a stripper is brutally murdered and Connor is on the run.

Can he outsmart the Special Investigator who wants to make him an accessory to murder and survive the vengeance of the Yakuza?



Murder on the Edge of the Orient

Noir Mystery Short Read


He was sent for proof that a man was cheating on his wife. He found jealousy, murder, and his head in the crosshairs.

Connor Pierce is days away from his last day on the Rock when he's cornered for one final investigation--then finds himself tangled in a web of betrayal and deceit the likes of which he could never predict.


Will Connor make it out of Okinawa a free man? 

A noir mystery full of murder, betrayal, and broken dreams.

Breaking Melancholy's Mourning

A Short Anthology of Crime

Two coming-of-age short stories filled with suspense and mystery.


Artie Rane stumbles through the mean streets searching for the dream he buried with his father. 

Is there any force that can set Artie on the right path?


A taciturn young man hitches a ride into the Shenandoah Valley carrying his grief in a military duffle.


Can he bury his secret in a mountain meadow without detection? 

Obsessive Compulsion: Murder by Desire

A Crime Fiction Short 

When the fire dies at home, a consuming flame lights up the shadow self.


A clinical psychologist with a broken heart seeks an opportunity for renewed passion. His desire leads to a murder investigation... where HE is the prime suspect.  


How did his desire for passion get him so far off track?

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