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Written by Mark Wm Smith

An overeducated, blue-collar cowboy, Mark Wm Smith grew up on along the banks of the Yellowstone River in Eastern Montana. Raised by a long haul trucker and a bartending waitress, Mark learned the hard ways of the modern frontier, scraping life from the unforgiving high chaparral.

March 13, 2020

And the Winner Is…


Happy Middle of a Worldwide Shutdown!

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I imagine not. Unless you’re reading a good book!

The results from the Kindle Paperwhite Bundle contest have now come through. The lucky winner is Qboss, from Świętochłowice, Poland. Congratulations, Qboss!

Condolences to everyone who didn’t win.  If you’d like to keep in touch, I’ll be running another giveaway soon. It might be some bestselling mystery novels. Or maybe another useful eReader. Almost certainly, some Gift Cards for runners up.

If you decide to stay with me, you’ll have access to free books from various authors on a semi-regular basis. The bi-weekly newsletter usually contains story content. Currently, I’m releasing episodes of a crime story–middle-aged psychtherapist Bennington Tanskanen seeks to reignite his passions… but passion means fire and a person can get burned.

Check out my blog and follow along as I present this story a scene at a time.

If you don’t want to hear from me again, you don’t need to do anything. I’ll be deleting your records from my system in about 24 hours (I don’t want to send you unwanted email).

This has been an adventure in Giveaways for me. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I look forward to the next giveaway opportunity.

Read A Story

Amateur Sleuth Found Born In A Barn

I wake shivering and certain that my life has no good end. Darkness does nothing more to block the cold than the thin sheet and thinner cotton knit blanket. My death is imminent. Even at seventeen I know this.  Somehow I sleep again. An anguished wail jerks me from a...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, One Point One

"Desert Miles" Scene 1 A four-foot tall dust devil skipped across Main Street, stuttering for a moment between Miles Thurman and the Law. It bobbed and weaved with the expertise of a boxer. Juneau poked his damp nose at a loose candy wrapper caught in the whipping...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, One Point Five

"Desert Miles" Scene 1.5 Sheriff Mentz turned to grin at his new deputy. “Miles is planning a bed-and-breakfast out on the property where that kid got killed,” he said. “He thinks the Air Base is moving away. And a good chunk of Miles’s insurance business with it....

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Two

"Desert Miles" Scene 2 Miles plopped into the leather wing-back chair opposite his father’s desk. “Sheriff Mentz is on the warpath. He’s got Jim in jail for murdering some kid out at Konnelig’s!”  Harold Thurman was lean and balding, the roundness of his head giving...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Three

"Desert Miles" Scene 3 “He hates me,” Miles told Louise Fillman. They sat in an aqua blue booth inside Buck’s Diner. Juneau sat on the outside window ledge, pressing his forlorn nose against the glass. Louise laid a wine-stained hand on Miles’s sleeve. “That’s a word...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Four

"Desert Miles" Scene 4 “Don’t bother calling.” Emmeline stomped out of the kitchen. Miles found her packing a bag in their undersized bedroom.  “Unless you’re dead,” she said to the suitcase. “And certainly not if you’re in jail,” she told the dresser drawer. Emmeline...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Five Point One

"Desert Miles" Scene 5.1 Miles left Juneau scrambling about in the car’s murky interior, while he crept through overgrown skeleton weed to the wide front steps of Konnelig’s place. He tiptoed up, stopping at the open doorway.  The night was cool and the moon dim....

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Five Point Five

"Desert Miles" Scene 5.2 “Why?” Miles attempted to shift the beam toward the sheriff, resulting in a swirling wave of dust.  “The boy was mouthing off, Miles. Talking crazy. Wouldn’t stand still.” “He was a kid!” Miles said. “I don’t understand. What’s happening?” “He...

Amateur Sleuth in the Desert, Six

"Desert Miles" Scene 6 Miles flicked a chunk of leftover drywall from the kitchen remodel, keeping one elbow tight against the bandaged rib. The scrap passed beneath a bright white sign announcing the Desert Miles Bed and Breakfast before bouncing off the dump pile...

Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth, Episode One

Murder at the Edge of the Orient, Episode One There’s a heat that wraps you in its steamy wet blanket. An oppressive tropical heat. It pretends to shield you while locking you inside a cocoon of sensory depravation. The kind of heat that enflames adulterers and...


  1. Sue James

    Is absolutely live to win a new kindle, I’ve had mine for about 6 years and it broke last week. Its my birthday on 23rd and this would be a wonderful birthday present 💕🎂🎁🎀💕

  2. Lilia Stephens

    Good luck everybody on winning the Kindle !

  3. jerrie

    At 85 and facing hip replacement surgery I’m pretty much housebound (don’t even go to the library to borrow books), limited to medical appointments, so Kindle is the way to go!


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