A Murder Mystery Novella

Murder on the East China Sea

When you get a friend in trouble… You’re responsible to get him out. Whatever the cost!

Air Force crew chief Connor Pierce wants to help his lonely assistant get comfortable around women. But when the stripper he lets loose on his romantically challenged friend is brutally murdered at a strip club outside Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, Connor must solve this 1990s mystery to keep him out of prison. . .

Newly minted Staff Sergeant Pierce is no amateur sleuth. He’s just a regular guy trying to straighten his crooked path. Now, to keep his friend out of Leavenworth, Connor must assume the role of detective while dodging Air Force Security Police, local law enforcement and the unruly Okinawan Yakuza. Worst of all, his ex-lover’s husband is lead agent on the case for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and is hell bent on tying Connor to the crime.

Can he outsmart the Special Investigator who wants to make him an accessory to murder? Will he survive the vengeance of the Okinawan Yakuza? 

A thriller mystery full of sexual betrayal, loyalty and redemption.


‘Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.

– Mark Twain

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