Shaping Story Scenes

The Amateur Sleuth’s Grand Plan

The Grand Canyon. The first time I saw this natural wonder, I found it hard to believe. My first thought was, This is a painting. Our minds struggle to process a phenomenon so vast.  Up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep, the Grand Canyon challenges reality. We cannot...

Words and the Mystery Solution

When my grandson turned 2, I realized: That’s the same age I was at his age. Probably true for you as well. All three of us made it this far. It makes me think of poetry. I am planning a chapbook of poems. I might even publish it someday. I thought of calling it...

An Amateur Sleuth Talks to Children of the Storm

A conversation with a friend made me think of my children. Rather, children, in general. Or maybe I mean the parents of children. “Do I really want to know the damage I’ve caused them?” My children love me. I know that, because they tell me on a regular basis. And it...

Connections to the Murder Mystery

I had a dream last night about an old friend. He'd given a few albums to a consignment shop, and they sold them at a steep discount. His disappointment flowed freely. "I pushed them through the wrong door slot. They had more value to me than the shop asked for." The...

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