A Crime Story Collection

Breaking Melancholy’s Mourning

Two coming-of-age short stories filled with suspense and mystery.

Suspense in a coming of age story.  Artie Rane stumbles through the mean streets searching for the dream he buried with his father. When he happens upon a vintage guitar he knows will meet this need, nothing can stop his pursuit… engaging in theft, facing down police, even threat of death itself fail to detour his quest. Is there any force that can set Artie on the right path?

A story of love that bridges both time and the law.  A taciturn young man hitches a ride into the Shenandoah Valley carrying his grief in a military duffle. Can he bury his secret in a mountain meadow without detection? Bluegrass ballads of lost love and murder echo in the hills around him.

A very short anthology about the mystery of redemption.


Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.

Louis L’Amour

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Abelard Rahn is on a wild ride toward... an early death if he's not careful. 

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