The Mystery of the Confused Website Builder

It was one of those bright, sunny days, the kind that keep the outsiders out and the insiders in tears. Nobody should live in this artificial gloom. It’s the kind of fluorescent or LED pretension meant to fool occupants into false security that they’re getting a necessary quantity of Vitamin D. 

But I sat in the glow of my computer screen, successfully avoiding the work required to complete a readable piece of fiction. I’d convinced myself I needed to up my marketing game. It was a fools errand, but fooling me is easy. So I got to it.

The marketing model I chose to emulate suggested the use of the WiX website builder. It worked. A couple of days later I had a sweet looking, streamlined website that filled me with satisfaction. Warmth radiated within my chest cavity.

Until the murder occurred. 

Underneath my grumbling and cursing, three days later, I looked into the lifeless eyes of my homepage. The body of my block-building constructs lay outlined among the scatterings of the transfer process. In trying to make a shift to a new server platform, a mystery occurred that I could not solve. This pointer or that directive took a turn for the worse.

Drowning in confusion, I abandoned the transfer and spent the rest of the week restoring my site to its previous state of banality. 

Learn, I did. 

  • Focus on leanness. 
  • Don’t believe everything you read. 
  • Change equals pain. 

Return to the basic layout from the marketing program model gave me a foundation for establishing a healthier web presence. The WiX ordeal forced me to work smarter. I applied my little gray cells to a framework I’d relied on in the earliest days of Mark Wm Smith, Author of Mystery and Suspense Fiction’s online presence—The Divi Builder. 

This modular “Back-end Builder” and front-end “Visual Builder” greatly simplifies the steps to building an elegant website on the WordPress platform. Using this power—power I’d shirked for my obsessive compliance with general guidelines and which had cost me a week of writing time—I revamped my site in a half day. 

Of course, the resurrection came with thorns. My new blog page failed to meet my ideal even while the refurbished design provides more sensible navigation. Missing links and unfulfilled expectations surprise me every time I visit. Small disappointments I can live with. For now. 

These spikes in anxiety over creative projects is short-lived. Elegant Theme’s Divi Builder includes capabilities that will make later changes easier.

Divi became an ally where I once saw conflict. While a bit pricy for the weekend user, its robust theme builder and power gives WordPress users tremendous flexibility. I’m happy about the forced return to the Divi Builder, despite the appeal of WiX streamlined website block-by-block builder. 

Elegant Themes is leveling up their service. The team describes the coming upgrade by saying they plan to “change the way we place each and every pixel” in website design. Their countdown video announcement promotes the inclusion of Divi Powered Post Types and Dynamic Content tools. I don’t know what this means, but it alludes to “Creativity unfettered from technical restraints,” another catchy line that appeals to my desire for clarity and ease.

This coming “Theme Builder” feature will give me freedom to create completely customizable headers and footers, set unique templates for various pages, posts, even categories, and empower me to customize every element in the revivification of my website. Site-wide customization of post templates means a single edit for global change. Not just new life but a new wardrobe to enjoy it. 

I foolishly jumped into the manslaughter of a digital entity. Haste makes stupid. The opposite problem to the overthinking that stalls writing a book these days. Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

If you have need for a resurrection of your WordPress site, check out the Divi Builder. They are drawing attention to their recent product update with a MacBook Pro Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a brand new 15’ MacBook Pro. 

Aha! you say. The solution to this mystery. Mark’s motivation to share about his distraction from finishing that next novel. Balderdash! Make it be your motivation to sign up. 

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